My studio room is coming...

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Go To Post     My studio room is coming along nicely. Can’t wait for the rest of the furniture to arrive in a couple of weeks so I can actually work in it! Shout out to the following small businesses who all have beautiful things on this wall :D - sunflower hoop @buttonbela - hedgehog print by @roundaboutbunny - line drawing print by @thelittleprintshopx - 6x watercolour leaf prints by @elena_oneill - no idea print by @artandpaperdesigns - peachy print, cactus print & stickers by @zoe_illustrates - makers print by @thebespokebard and @jessicahogarth - aceo by @paperpanda1 - time is now print by @made_outof_line - clay rainbow and hot air balloon by yours truly - rope rainbow by @littleraccoonscreations - bird plate by @littlebirdyhere - glass butterfly by @clarewainwright1

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