Happy Easter 🐣🐇🍫♥️ We’ve had such...

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Go To Post     Happy Easter 🐣🐇🍫♥️ We’ve had such a wonderful weekend ☀️ So grateful to be able to spend this time with family and friends outside in the warmer weather. Yesterday was just a beaut and we spent the morning outside doing an egg hunt with friends. The boys loved it and were so good sharing the eggs between them. Then it was home for a BBQ tea 🥰 Today was a bit colder and it was round to mum and dad’s garden for another egg hunt, with Aunty Kiki too, sausage sarnies in the garden, with a fire to keep us toasty, and then a lazy afternoon at home (and a big nap for Ezra!) and of course lots of chocolate throughout the weekend! Tim has tomorrow off so I’ll catch up with a bit of clay making, and then I think it’ll be a bit of a lazy day, and catching up on a few errands :) How’ve you spent your Easter weekend? I hope you’ve all eaten your weight in chocolate! P.S. the eggs in the first pic were painted by Ezra and I on @artcuts wooden blanks and used for our egg hunts. I’ll let you guys figure out who painted which 🤣🐣

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